The airfield Eggenfelden

The Eggenfelden airfield is one of four airfields in Lower Bavaria with an important development function for the region of Eastern Bavaria. With over 20,000 flight movements per year, it is one of the busiest landing sites in Bavaria. That is why it was also designated as a priority landing site for Region 13.

Basically, the spacious airfield is easy to fly to and offers with the instrument flight operation (IRF) and the flight tracking system (ADS-B) within the triangle Munich-Salzburg-Passau an inexpensive and reliable alternative as a destination airfield. Airplanes with a maximum weight of up to 50 t can take off and land here.

For companies and investors, the Eggenfelden airfield offers a high degree of planning security thanks to public sponsorship with clear structures and short distances.

Flugplatz GmbH Eggenfelden is a member of the Association of Regional Airfields (IDRF).

General Information

The company airfield is managed in the legal form of a GmbH.

Shareholders are the district of Rottal-Inn with a share in the capital stock in the amount of 304,000 euros and the city of Eggenfelden with a share in the amount of 76,000 euros.

Representative of the district in the shareholders' meeting and at the same time chairman is the district administrator of the district Rottal-Inn Mr. Michael Fahmueller.

Representative of the city Eggenfelden in the shareholders' meeting is the first mayor of the city Eggenfelden Mr. Martin Biber.

Managing Director is since 01.01.2017 Diplom Verwaltungswirt (FH) Ludwig Zeiler.

Opening Hours

Winter time: Monday – Sunday 9:00 Uhr LT until sunset. Summer time: Monday – Sunday 9:00 Uhr LT until sunset but max. until 19:00 Uhr LT. In individual cases ambulance or transplant flights are possible.

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Companies located at the airfield Eggenfelden

  • Engl Flightteam (Flugschule und Flugzeugvercharterung)

  • Fly and Sail e. V. (Flug- und Segelsport)

  • Cereamic-Cover (Flugzeugreinigung, -aufbereitung und Ceramicversiegelung)

  • FRANZ Aircraft Engines Vertrieb GmbH (Motorenwartung)

  • Skydive Exit e.V. (Fallschirmsprungausbildung)

  • Flugsportverein Eggenfelden e.V. (Flugschule)

  • Drachen und Gleitschirmfliegerclub (DGFC) Rottal-Inn e.V.

  • AIRTRADE Flugzeughandel GmbH

  • Flugplatz-Restaurant